The main objective of the Directory of Spanish Researchers Abroad is to help create links between research staff posted abroad.

In the same way as it encourages collaboration in research projects, the FECYT also aims to enable research talent to return and be reincorporated into the Spanish science, technology and business system.

Registration on this database will enable you to access the following services:

Search and locate other Spanish researchers abroad

By searching the Directory database, you will be able to identify other researchers who are also located outside Spain and who you may be interested in contacting, above all for scientific reasons ( collaborations on research projects , queries related to your area of knowledge, etc.) but also for personal ones (being in the same foreign destination, etc.).

Collaboration with the Spanish R&D+i system

When you register you will be given the option of becoming part of the database of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), which works with assessment agencies, research centres and public administrations to find Spanish experts abroad.

The ANEP, the National Agency for Evaluation and Forecasting, which carries out the scientific evaluation of many calls for proposals for research financing issued both by the Ministry for Science and Innovation and other agents and bodies within Spain’s public and private R&D+i system, needs Spanish researchers abroad both to evaluate these calls and to assess research projects.

If you give your permission when you register with the Directory, the ANEP or any other Spanish R&D+i system body that collaborates with our Foundation may contact researchers may be of use to you for your selection processes as a result of their scientific speciality or language skills.

Publication of articles and news articles on the Platform of the FECYT’s Scientific Information and News Service (SINC)

SINC [ES] is the first nationwide public scientific information service in Spanish. It is a specialised and rigorous news agency that focuses on the latest scientific developments of social interest.

SINC’s objective is to increase the presence of quality scientific information in the media, as a vehicle for bringing science closer to the people. SINC publishes scientific contributions and discoveries from researchers in the form of:

  • News items and reports on recent research or theses, with interviews, pictures and videos.
  • Thoughts and discussions from a scientific perspective.
  • Creation of a network of spokespeople to interact with the Spanish media. Any researchers interested simply need to send their CV and a photograph

SINC always reviews its texts in conjunction with the researchers involved, to prevent any inaccuracies in explaining research details. The news can appear in any media wishing to publish it, provided that the source is mentioned.

Contact the SINC Platform at:

For more information on how to register, click here

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