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Bizkaia Talent

Bizkaia:talent is a non-profit associative initiative promoted by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia in collaboration with a group of major and cutting-edge companies and universities. It acts as a platform to attract, retain and to build stable links with talent, fostering innovation and advanced knowledge in Basque organisations in strategic fields.

Its strategy for the talent management seeks to make Bilbao/Bizkaia and the Basque Country an attractive destination amongst researchers, qualified professionals and creators. For the achievement of this goal, bizkaia:talent focuses on the following activities:

  • Promotion of an ecosystem of environment favourable to the talent.
  • Promotion of Bizkaia, its capital Bilbao, and the Basque Country’s areas of strategic interest.
  • Services and programs aimed at facilitating the identification, access and incorporation of highly qualified people in Bizkaia’s organizations and projects.
  • Creation and development social networks and communities of practice.
  • Coordinating and accelerating the dialogue with other public and private stakeholders.
  • Elaborating public policy recommendations and participate in the design of policies related to the mission of bizkaia:talent.


Engagement activities

International Professional Networking

Bizkaia:talent offers organisations in the Basque Country a service to contact Basque researchers and highly qualified professionals who are working in third countries, with the aim of exchanging information on the present and future situation of strategic sectors within the Basque Country.

Based on this networking, bizkaia:talent regularly organizes events in different European cities where Basque organisations in specific industries meet these Basque researchers and experts working abroad. At these meetings, organisations learn about the projects and activities researchers and experts are working on, and gather information to study the possibility of hiring them or engaging them for cooperation projects. These events have the primary goal of facilitating the network between talents abroad and organizations within their region, but also feedback into the reinforcement of the Basque Talent Network managed by bizkaia:talent.

Information on their most recent networking events can be found in their website:


Organization of career days

In a similar approach to the networking events where talent is matched with the organizations which could potentially incorporate it, bizkaia:talent has also collaborated with its stakeholders to set-up a career day aimed at supporting and disseminating the professional and academic opportunities.

Bringing together the Chair of Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country with researcher organizations such as Society of Spanish Researchers in the Federal Republic of Germany (CERFA) and the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (CERU), bizkaia:talent participated in the organisation of the SCIENCE+ ERA Career Day.

This event was organized under the umbrella of the H2020 project EUESCADA.


Stakeholder involved:

In order to provide its services and meet its goals, bizkaia:talent collaborates closely with the following stakeholders:

  • Researchers / Highly Qualified Professionals
  • Companies (especially, SMEs)
  • Universities in the region
  • Public Bodies


What can EURAXESS learn from this?

Bizkaia:talent has the benefit of being integrated within a well-defined framework were the different regional authorities and stakeholders are committed to an innovation based economic model, and thus facilitating a very positive regional ecosystem for their activities. Nevertheless, the learning message for EURAXESS would be on how to the organization has developed a comprehensive set of professional services ranging from job brokerage to thematic tours that show the region’s scientific, technology and business potential, and including the EURAXESS services into them. As matter of fact, within their own website, their professional support services are described as:

  • We are specialists in finding highly qualified people.
  • We do research into the labour market.
  • We attend local, national and international career fairs
  • We hold professional meetings with Basque professionals abroad.
  • We are present on professional social media.
  • We collaborate with the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque.
  • We collaborate with the European Commission
  • As a Local Contact Point in EURAXESS, the European portal for researchers in motion, we have access to a database containing over 15,000 profiles of highly qualified people. Also, we can access EURAXESS Jobs, a tool containing information on job offers in Europe, aids and grants.