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Researcher professional lives are versatile and diverse. Their competences and skills are extremely valuable in many different jobs and sectors. However, early career researchers do not always have the information and contacts that give them access to these options beyond academia.

REBECA wants to facilitate that young researchers from all over Europe reflect on their options beyond academia. During 6 months, the mentoring programme will put in touch early stage researchers working in European academic institutions with highly skilled professionals working in Europe in industry, management, and other sectors beyond academia related with science, engineering, mathematics, social science and humanities disciplines.

The programme will facilitate a minimum of 6 meetings, where mentors and mentees will get to know each other, share their experiences and reflect on their professional perspectives. Organizers will provide the structure and contents to inspire a fruitful and beneficial relationship between pairs.


What is new in REBECA by EURAXESS?

  • This is an activity of the EURAXESS Hubs project and has a European-wide approach
  • Mentors and mentees will come from different countries, so expect transnational pairs
  • Stay tuned for additional activities:
    • Match-making events
    • REBECA by EURAXESS online community

EURAXESS Hubs funding


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REBECA by EURAXESS Key elements


Topics recommended to address include:

  • Professional career expectations.
  • Career development needs for moving beyond academia.
  • Key transferable skills.
  • Key technical skills.
  • Differences between academic and non-academic environments.
  • Exploration of options beyond academia.
  • Academia-Business engagement.
  • Deep reflection on skills:
    • Gender and diversity dimension
    • How to build your network
    • Conflict management
    • Time and self-management
    • Work and life balance
    • Communication
  • Self-reflection and increase of awareness of career achievements and accomplishments vs job requirements.
  • Setting up careers goals.



Application phase (November 2021)

  • Identification and selection of mentors.
  • Public call for researchers interested in the programme
  • Selection will try to ensure a good geographic, gender, and thematic distribution of participants

Guidance phase (January 2022)

  •  Matching of mentors and mentees according to their particular interests in the programme.
  • Kick off phase: includes training sessions for mentors and mentees to facilitate mentorship process.
  • REBECA Handbook provided

Mentoring phase (February-July 2022)

  • Mentors and mentees to meet on average once a month.
  • Mentees to take specific online trainings (max 4-6 hours).
  • Voluntary networking events.
  • Match-making events


Who is participating?





The following organizations have actively collaborated in the organization of REBECA by EURAXESS, particularly through the engagement of mentors and promotion of the programme

Collaborators of REBECA


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