Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Expression of Interest - MSCA Individual Fellowships 2020 - Chronic inflammatory diseases and exercise

    09/09/2020 17:00 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Sweden, Halmstad
    Halmstad University
    School of Business, Engineering and Science
    Bioscience: Exercise Biomedicine Research Group

Would you be interested in spending 1 – 2 years as a postdoc on a research project within the area of chronic inflammatory diseases and exercise in a small but ambitious research environment in southwest Sweden? The School of Business, Engineering and Science at Halmstad University invites one or several experienced researchers (has a Ph.D.) of any nationality to develop a collaborative MSCA Individual Fellowship application within the European Commission’s H2020 program. Applicants may not have resided, worked, or studied in Sweden for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the call deadline.

The selected candidate(s) will together with a researcher and mentor from the School of Business, Engineering and Science at Halmstad University develop a joint project proposal, that will be submitted by Halmstad University, School of Business, Engineering and Science as the host organization. For this call, we are open for topics that falls within the area of chronic inflammatory diseases and exercise, but in addition to the applicant’s merits we will prioritize according to closeness of fit with the following designated mentors:

• Åsa Andersson, Ph.D. Associate professor in Medical Inflammation Research: Research on molecular

interactions and expression of specific proteins important for the pathology of chronic inflammatory

rheumatic diseases and the role of exercise.

• Emma Haglund, Ph.D. Associate professor in Biomedicine - physical activity and exercise. Specialized physiotherapist in rheumatology. Research on the consequences of and risk factors for musculoskeletal diseases and pain disorders, and the effects of physical activity and exercises as treatment.

• M. Charlotte Olsson, Ph.D. Associate professor in Exercise Physiology: Research on the role of exercise in fitness and disease -optimization of resistance training for sports performance, and exercise as medicine in hypertension, heart and musculoskeletal diseases.

If you are interested in joining us for a proposal within the field of inflammatory diseases and exercise, email your CV and an one-page outline of your research interest and expertise as soon as possible. Questions and application should be sent to the School’s Research Coordinator; charlotte.olsson@hh.se

The School of Business, Engineering and Science consists of two research environments where the select candidate will be a member of the Rydberg Laboratory for Applied Sciences (RLAS) research environment with about 35 researchers. In RLAS, research and collaborations are within the areas of Bioscience, Material Science and Energy Science with a focus on sustainable development. The selected candidate will be a part of Bioscience; Exercise Biomedicine Research Group. The research group consists of 8 researchers; 1 professor, 3 associate professors 2 assistant professors and 3 doctoral students. The Exercise Biomedicine research group works closely with the Spenshult Research Center, an independent research center in musculoskeletal diseases also located in Halmstad (http://www.fou-spenshult.se).

Halmstad University prepares people for the future by creating values, driving innovation and developing society. Since the beginning in 1983, the University has been characterized as forward-thinking and crossborder. Halmstad University is known for its popular interdisciplinary programs and small student groups and has about 10,000 registered students and a staff of 600. The research at Halmstad University is internationally renowned and is pursued in interdisciplinary innovation and research environments, with its overarching profiles “Health innovation” and “Smart cities and communities”. The research environment RLAS takes an active part in the development of society through extensive and recognized collaboration with both the private and public sector e.g. via our collaboration and innovation arenas such as the Rydberg Core Laboratory including both cell and molecular labs and human movement labs.


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