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    Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba - IMIBIC
    GC01 Immunology and Allergy


La Caixa INPhINIT INCOMING Doctoral Fellowship Programme Call 2021


Prof. Rafael Solana Lara (rafael.solana.lara@juntadeandalucia.es)


IMIBIC group GC01: Immunology and Allergy


Research Project / Research Group Description

The group “Immunology and Allergy” is an interdisciplinary and consolidated research group at the IMIBIC. Our research focuses on Immunotherapy initiatives for several pathologies from cancer to allergy treatment. We aim to improve our understanding, the treatment and prevention of different immunopathologies bringing closer immunology basic research to the clinical practice. We are specialized in finding biomarkers with potential use as immunotherapy targets to develop new treatment strategies.

The group has two main research areas: Immunology and Allergy. The Immunology area goal is to understand the senescence of the immune system (Immunosenescence) in different models: chronological aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, viral infection, and other situations of chronic activation. Thus, solving clinical problems by studying the underlying role of the immune system.

Our translational research has high clinical applicability guaranteed by projects addressing prevalent human diseases, including Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Aortic Stenosis, Mental Health and COVID-19, as well as a new line on response to vaccination in the elderly. We use powerful analytical techniques including high throughput techniques for biomarker discovery projects.

Our research contributes to “Antimicrobial Resistance” and “Infections in Transplanted Patients” Programs of the Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Diseases (REIPI) supported by the Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII). We have stable collaborative research with national and international groups. Moreover, we are committed to the training of students and new researchers and to incorporating and stabilizing postdoctoral researchers to enrich and expand our group research lines.

Thus, both our scientific goals and analytical approaches would allow the appointed PhD student to obtain an integral and highly qualified formation in biomedical research, particularly in areas related with immunotherapy.

Job position description

Our group offers a PhD position for a talented student to carry out a doctoral research project in one of the priority research lines of our group. Specifically, the PhD student studies will focus on the phenotypic and functional characterization of immune cells in models of human immunosenescence such as aortic stenosis, COVID-19 or mental health. This research will expand our knowledge of the immunopathology of these diseases, allowing the discovery of novel biomarkers, which will open new possibilities for treatment, prevention, and risk assessment of patients with alterations of the immune system.

During the PhD period, the researcher will acquire knowledge on immunology techniques, developing lab and scientific skills needed to face an early scientific career. For the development of the project, the PhD student will have access to the lab areas of our group at IMIBIC that are fully equipped for immunological research. Additionally, we have full access to the core facilities of IMIBIC, with modern technological platforms and animal services, as well as the Central Service for Support of Research of Cordoba University (UCO).

Our institution guarantees an excellent environment for biomedical research students, including high-quality academic training through the “Biomedical Translational Research” Doctoral Program of UCO, hosted by IMIBIC. Complementing this program training, the PhD student will be able to attend regular lab-meetings, seminars, and diverse research events. All these activities will ensure interaction with peers and leading scientists, from a range of areas in biomedicine.

The fellow joining our group will enjoy this stimulating context, including state-of-the-art research facilities, enthusiastic scientists of different disciplines, and an exciting interdisciplinary project. All these reinforced by plentiful opportunities for interaction with other recognized national and international research teams in the field.

How to Search for this offer:

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Select “IMIBIC – Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute to Cordoba” from the dropdown list under “HOST ORGANIZATION”

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Eligibility Criteria

1) At the call deadline (4th Feb 2021), applicants must be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and not yet have been awarded a doctoral degree.

2) At the time of recruitment, candidates must comply with one of the following options:

  • To have completed the studies that lead to an official university degree adapted to the European Higher Education Area awarding 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits must correspond to master level.
  • To have completed a degree in university not adapted to the European Higher Education Area that gives access to doctoral studies. The verification of an equivalent level of studies to the ones mentioned above will be made by the university when the admission procedure starts.

3) Candidates must not have resided or have carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the call deadline (4th Feb 2021). Short stays, such as holidays, done in a country other than their country of usual residence (where they carried out their main activity), will be considered as time spent in their country of usual residence.

4) Candidates must have a demonstrable level of English (B2 or higher).

5) Only candidates whose applications meet all the requirements of the call may be accepted.


How to Apply:

If you want to apply for an INPhINIT fellowship, click on the link below to create your personal account and fill in the on-line application form: https://candidate.lacaixafellowships.org/login



4 February 2021: Application deadline.

18 February 2021: Deadline for submitting the language certificate.

22 April 2021: Notification of the shortlist results.

25, 26 and 27 May 2021: Face-to-face interviews in Barcelona.

7 June 2021: Publication of the final list of selected candidates.

7 – 30 June 2021: Matching between the research centres – fellows.


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