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Checklist of procedures before moving to Spain

Before moving to Spain

  • Consult the EURAXESS Services. Hosting insititutions may be able to give you advice on these procedures.
  • Check whether you need a stay permit, visa, or work or residency permit to travel to or carry out research in Spain.

  • If a visa is required, obtain an invitation or a document accrediting the purpose of the visit.

  • In exceptional cases, prepare the medical certificates required to enter Spain.

  • Prepare accommodation. Your employer may be able to help you find accommodation.

  • Are you going to drive? Is your driving licence valid in Spain?

  • Have you insured your belongings?

  • If you come from a Member State of the EEA, apply for the European Health Insurance Card.

  • If you are going to travel with your family (including children): apply for the corresponding permits and visas.