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Checklist of procedures "Once in Spain"

Once in Spain

  • Open a bank account.
  • If you are going to stay for longer than six months, get the foreigner’s identity card.

  • Consult your employer and the Inland Revenue about double taxation criteria.

  • Apply for your Social Security card.

  • Apply for your healthcare card in the corresponding Autonomous Region.

  • If required for professional purposes, apply for validation or recognition of professional qualifications.

  • Knowyourrightsregardingpensions andretirement, especially regardingthepossibility oftransferring social security contributions you have already made.

  • Check whether you are entitled to and your employer is paying into an additional private pension.

  • Apply for the European Health Insurance Card if you are going to travel to other countries in the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

  • Subscribe to a communications service provider (landline, mobile telephone, or the Internet).

  • Direct debit the bills from service providers and suppliers (electricity, water, gas and communication services) and local taxes.

  • Where applicable, submit the corresponding income tax returns (for non-residents or natural persons).

  • Where applicable, depending on the circumstances, apply to register on the Censo Electoral de Residentes Extranjeros en España (electoral roll for foreign residents in spain or "CERE") to be able to vote in local elections.

  • If you have travelled with your family (especially children):

    • Enrol children in the relevant stage of their compulsory education in an officially recognised school.

    • Apply for the benefits and tax deductions that families are entitled to.