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Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender-based Violence

Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender-based Violence

The Comprehensive Law against gender-based violence (Organic Law 1/2004 of 28th December, on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender-based Violence) recognises and guarantees women (irrespective of their origin, religion or any other condition) who are or have been victims of gender-based violence, a series of rights in order that these individuals may put an end to the violent relationship and recover their own lives:

  • The right to information and advice.

  • The right to comprehensive social care through social services.

  • Legal assistance for all victims, free of charge for those able to demonstrate insufficient resources. In addition, victims receive the same specialised legal advice for any criminal, civil or administrative proceedings that may arise.

  • Labour rights and Social Security benefits, including the right to a reduction or a reorganisation of working hours, geographical mobility, on changing workplace, to job-secured leave and to the termination of the employment contract.

  • Economic rights of victims with limited resources, when monthly income does not exceed 75 percent of the national minimum wage.

A free telephone service is available, offering information and legal advice for victims of gender-based violence:016

For information regarding women's legal issues including matrimony, parenthood, civil registry, labour laws, abuse, rape, legal aid, etc., please contact the Institute of Woman and Equal Opportunities, which is part of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities C/ Condesa de Venadito, 34 - 28027 Madrid (Spain) Free helpline:

  • Information for women: (+34) 900 19 10 10

  • Information for women with hearing difficulties: (+34) 900 152 152