The Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System

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The Act 14/2011 of 1st June on science, technology and innovation (hereinafter, STI Act, from its initials in Spanish) defines the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System as a "system of systems" that integrates and coordinates general State policies with those of the Autonomous Regions and articulates the actions in the public and private (company) spheres via the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Council.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness is responsible, via its State Secretariat for Research, Development and Innovation, is responsible for scientific and technical research, development and innovation policies, including managing international relations related to this topic and Spanish representation in international programmes, forums and organisations to the European Union on topics regarding its responsibilities.

Nevertheless, other Ministries also participate in the creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of R&D&I policy.

The objective of the STI Act is to contribute to sustainable economic development and social welfare by generating, spreading and transferring knowledge and innovation.

Spanish R&D&I policy is based around:

It gives an overview of the framework of the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation; the basic shared principles which must be considered when defining public R&D&I policies; certain general objectives aligned with the aims of the strategy; lines of priority of a transversal nature, and coordination mechanisms which refer to the principles of coordinated management in the Public administration measures on R&D&I.

The Spanish Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 is the result of a process of coordination between all the public agents with responsibilities in designing R&D&I public policy with broad social participation. The Strategy identifies 4 general objectives around which to draw up the various actions that will cover the whole process of development and application of scientific and technological research "from the idea to the market". These objectives are: Promotion of R&D&I talent and its employability, Excellent scientific and technical Research, R&D&I targeted towards societal challenges and Business leadership in R&D&I.