BHO Meeting 22-23 May 2018

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Between May 22nd and 23rd 2018, the periodic BHO meeting was organized in Brussels by the EC. During this meeting the following topics were discussed:


Scientific Visa

The deadline for national transposition of the “new Scientific Visa" (Directive 2016/801) was the 23rd of May 2018. State of transposition can be found here.

Key features improved in regards to the original Scientific Visa (Directive 2005/71):

  • Facilitating arrival:
    • 90 days limit to process application.
    • Right for family reunification. Family members also have access to work market. Procedures should be done in parallel (researcher can know if family can come at the same time).
    • Depending on the Member State (MS), hosting agreement may not be mandatory anymore. A work contract would suffice.
  • Enhancing rights during stay:
    • Increased mobility rights (+ 6 months to go to another MS while in Europe, with only a notification). This applies even for MS which have not transposed the directive yet.
    • Equal treatment rights: researchers should be treated the same as research nationals.
  • Increasing retention rates:
    • Researchers can stay in the territory of the MS for 9 months to seek new positions or launch a business.
    • If PhD candidates are considered students in the host country (depends on the MS), a change of contract after PhD may involve paperwork, but never the need to go back to home country for a new visa request.
    • Officially, it should provide access to unemployment benefits (like any other national researcher).


EU Presidencies

EU Presidency of Bulgaria (January-June 2018; https://eu2018bg.bg/) has focused in:

  • Innovation
  • FP9 preparation
  • Widening countries, including a better integration into the Framework Programmes
  • Young researchers


EU Presidency of Austria (July-December 2018; https://www.eu2018.at/) will focus on:

  • Multiannual financial framework
  • Reinforcing Horizon Europe (FP9)
  • Final steps of Brexit
  • Consequences of EU elections
  • European Council conclusions over ERA (built upon ERAC)
  • Key events regarding R+D+I:
    • 2x Competitiveness Councils (27-28 September & 29-30 November)
    • HHRR Conference (MSCA conference, 1-2 October 2018)


EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme (FP9)

“Horizon Europe” (2021-2027) was announced on May 2nd 2018 with a budget of 100 billion €

Next steps:

  1. EC adopts Horizon Europe proposal
  2. Negotiations with the European Council and European Parliament. This includes discussion within the MS.
  3. Council and Parliament adopt Horizon Europe
  4. Launch of Horizon Europe on January 1st 2021


EURAXESS specific issues:

  • EURAXESS Career Development section, which includes many resources developed in recent EU funded projects, has been published: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/career-development
  • EURAXESS Worldwide Republic of Korea has been launched. The section is open in the EURAXESS portal and a launching event is planned for the 13 July 2018 in Seoul.
  • EURAXESS Worldwide Australia and New Zealand is under negotiation, and EURAXESS Worldwide South Africa is being explored.
  • H2020 project EURAXESS TOP III will end on 31 August 2018. EURAXESS TOP IV will begin on 1 September 2018.
  • Next Biannual Conference will take place in Prague on the spring of 2019. The framework of the event will be the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.
  • EURAXESS statistics: From June 2018 to December 2018 several Service Centres are testing a new submission mechanism, which is expected to be particularly useful for recording consultations on real time in those organizations that currently lack a formal system for recording the statistics. This submission mechanism is expected to be available together with the current six-month submission process.