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R2STAIR MSCA-COFUND on Prehistory and Human Evolution studies. 1st recruitment call is now open


R2STAIR is a H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020 Programme focused on Prehistory and Human Evolution studies addressing the main research areas developed at IPHES-CERCA, a Centre of Excellence from Tarragona (Spain).

R2STAIR will boost the career perspectives of 4 junior R2 fellows (PhD holders who are not yet fully independent) per call by training their skills throughout the research life cycle in Prehistory and Human Evolution studies.

The research topics comprises 7 research areas, encompassing 36 related research lines:

  • Zooarchaeology: Taxonomy and comparative anatomy, Taphonomy and Neo-taphonomy, Spatial analysis of marks in bone surfaces, Subsistence strategies during the Quaternary, Coevolution between hominins and carnivores as driving force in hominine subsistence behaviour.
  • Lithic analysis: Technological and morphometric analyses, Lithic raw materials, Gestural sequences studies, Cognition and social learning, Refit analysis and spatial distribution, Use-wear analysis, Multi-proxy analyses of residues in lithic artifacts.
  • Geoarchaeology: Characterization of sedimentary facies, Micromorphology, Stratigraphy and micro-stratigraphy, Petrographic characterization of lithic raw materials, Archaeostratigraphy: diachronic and synchronic cultural series.
  • Spatial analysis: Intra-site spatial analysis, Landscape and regional (cultural) archaeology.
  • Paleoecology: Paleontology-biochronology, Biogeographic modelling, Quantitative Terrestrial Paleoclimatology (Mutual Ecogeographic Range, Bioclimatic Analysis), Stable isotope analysis, Tooth wear analyses (meso- and microwear), Palinology, Anthracology, Quantitative eco-anatomy.
  • Paleoanthropology: Dental use-wear, Paleodiet, Post-cranial anatomy and taxonomy, 3D morphometrics, Study of hand bones, European neandertalization process.
  • Archeo-paleontological conservation: Characterization of bone and stone alterations, Efficiency of conservation techniques, Preventive conservation.


The first of the two calls planned  is now open until Friday, 23 July 2021 (17:00 Brussels time).


You can find all the necessary details in their website and/or EURAXESS Jobs

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