To be eligible for this programme, candidates must be:

  • PhD holders currently working in academic research
  • PhD holders currently in between jobs and on active search
  • PhD students currently working in academic research


REBECA mentoring programme does not set official minimum qualification requirements. Successful applicants for the REBECA will be selected by considering their profiles and the best possible mentor-mentee pairing considering the professional experience and areas of expertise of the potential mentors included in the REBECA database.


As a means to achieve the best matching possible, the following qualitative criteria will be used to assess the candidates:

  • Field of research – a review of the applicant´s background and areas of expertise to assure the best possible mentor-mentee pairing.
  • Career trajectory – a review of the applicant’s career journey and achievements to date.
  • Career planning – a projection of the applicant’s professional career aspirations, including the applicant´s motivation for applying for a mentoring programme and particularly for this scheme.
  • Contribution to others – an assessment of the applicant’s ability to contribute to the mentoring programme. Applicants must be able to show that they are keen to develop an open and on-going relationship with a mentor that is mutually constructive. They must be open to receiving positive and constructive feedback and guidance from their mentor as well as from the overall group of mentors and mentees.


Fifty (50) mentees will be chosen to maintain an equal mentees gender and geographic distribution and an even representation of the different scientific areas of expertise of participants – including the social and life sciences -. There will be no restrictions in terms of participants' nationality.