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Academic degrees homologation

Academic Degrees Homologation Seminar event


The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) organized in December 2015 a technical event to address the proceedings to homologate academic degrees in Spain, one of the biggest hurdles that many foreign researchers face when they want to develop their career in a foreign country.


The event, in which took part Isabel Tolosana and Rosa Medina, both from the “Centro Nacional de Información sobre Reconocimiento” (NARIC) at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD), was oriented to each of the 24 head members responsible for Science and Education of the different Foreign Embassies in Spain.


Below, you can find the recording of the event and the technical notes of the event.


Link to download a summary with important information about the Seminar Event on Academic Degrees Homologation in Spain (summary in Spanish only): apuntes_4jt_rdc_homologacion1.pdf


General information on the recognition of diplomas in Spain can be found HERE.