The article 32 of grant contracts within Horizon 2020: Hiring and work conditions for researchers.

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the framework program established by the European Commission as a tool to finance research and innovation activities. The Grant Agreements are contracts signed between beneficiaries and the Commission. The signature of these contracts, will determine beneficiaries commitments. Here, you can check the Annotated Model of Grant Agreement (AMGA). The responsabilities, as a result of the management of human resources in research, will be covered in the AMGA article 32 under the title “Hiring and work conditions for researchers”. Particularly, this article shows beneficiaries must take necessary measures in order to implement the principles of the Letter for researchers and the Conduct Code to hire researchers, the so called Charter&Code, related topics are:

  • Work conditions,
  • Transparent and based merits recruitment processess,
  • Researchers career development.


The article 32 in the frame of Marie-Slodowska Curie actions and specific conditions for hiring and work.

Marie-Slodowska Curie actions include a grant agreement with a modified article 32 in contrast to the rest of European projects. Responsibilities are of course lined up with the Charter&Code, but the article emphasizes the work contract, the supervision of the researcher, etc…You can check the article’s responsibilities in AMGA.


In this section, we will treat frequently asked questions by the Spanish institutions regarding the fulfilling of the article 32. The answers to these questions are illustrative, and you are also welcomed to send your own questions to euraxess-spain@fecyt.es.


What type of documents must the beneficiaries keep in order to show they have fulfilled with the article 32? Can you provide an example of appropriate documentation required? Do the documents that need to be kept need to be only for H2020 related purposes researchers or for all the researchers in general?

The type of documentation that beneficiaries should keep are evidence of the posting of the job offer, recruitment and selection process criteria, work contract, payrolls evidence, proof of the type of work done during the project (lab journals, research publications, etc). As a proof of, researchers can keep their attendance to courses, training.

That applies to all the researchers and third parties in H2020.


Would the recruitment and hiring policy be published in the beneficiary's website and/or the EURAXESS Jobs portal web?

All the research vacancies and funding opportunities must be publicly announced or published. We encourage to all the beneficiaries to use International use of online platforms, such EURAXESS Jobs Portal, but publishing the job offer could be done in the legal entity’s website if that is the normal way of doing so.


Does the need of publishing researching job offers apply to all the H2020 projects or to all the researching vacancies of the institution?

We encourage employers and funding parties for researchers of around the world to support the Charter&Code, therefore to publish all the job or research offers in the EURAXESS web.

Publishing European Union projects' job offers that are linked to the "Grant Agreement" will be applied accoding to what it has been stablished in such contract.