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Short stay procedures

Short stay procedure

Short periods: Sum of successive periods, not exceeding 90 days (three months) per six months from the date of first entry onwards.

There are three types of entry procedures that allow short stays in Spain:

This permit is intended for enterprises established in a State not belonging to the European Union or European Economic Area which intend to send a worker to Spain to whom the community regime does not apply (a researcher), with whom, during the moving period, they maintain and will maintain a working relationship under one of the following circumstances:

  • When the person is moving on account of, and under the direction of, the foreign company as part of the completion of a contract.

  • When the person is moving to workplaces in Spain of the same company or group of companies.

  • When the employees moving are highly qualified and the purpose of the move is to supervise and advise on work or services that companies based in Spain go abroad to undertake.

Other criteria, in addition to the general ones, are that the worker has stable, regular residency in the country or countries in which the company sending him/her to Spain is established, that the professional activity is of a usual nature and that he/she has worked there for at least a year and has served the company for a minimum of nine months.

The authorisation is limited to one occupation and a specific territorial area, and the length of stay shall coincide with the established trip time, up to a maximum of one year.



If a foreign researcher is a resident in Spain, he or she must have the exemption recognised at the Inmigration Office in the province where the work will begin.

If a foreign researcher is not a resident in Spain, he or she must apply for the corresponding short duration stay or residency visa at the Spanish Consular Office in their country of residence.