Why apply for recognition or validation of a foreign non-university qualification?

If, for whatever reason, there is a need to have non-university qualifications recognised or validated, the following must be taken into account:

  • Recognition of foreign non-university certificates, diplomas or studies entails declaring an equivalent within the current Spanish education system.

  • Validation of foreign studies as Spanish non-university courses entails declaring the former equivalent to the latter for the purpose of being able to continue studying at a Spanish educational centre.

  • Recognition or validation can be requested by students who have completed studies that are part of a foreign education system at centres located abroad and also those who have completed studies at centres authorised to teach foreign courses in Spain in accordance with the education systems of other countries.

  • No validation proceedings are required for students coming from foreign education systems and wishing to join any of the stages that form part of the Primary Education or Compulsory Secondary Education System in Spain. Nor is validation required for studies at any level, stage or mode in the Spanish education system for which the attainment of the Compulsory Secondary Education Certificate is not a prior requirement.