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EURAXESS Researcher Careers Beyond Academia Digital Toolkit

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EURAXESS researcher careers beyond academia hub toolkit

Moving forward intersectoral mobility




Introduction to Researcher Careers Beyond Academia toolkit

Visit our toolkit if you are a:

  • Researcher wanting to explore careers beyond academia
  • Research organization willing to assist researchers in making an informed career decision
  • Euraxess members who eant to join efforts to promote intersectoral mobility



for researchers

alternative doors

Why using this toolkit

Changing career interests is a regular aspect of professional development growth. Many factors can trigger this change: the ongoing life, experiences challenging our career beliefs and expectations, or even a sense of unreachable goals. This is also true for researchers. Researchers can experience very diverse and complex academic careers, and throughout their career, these experiences sometimes may not convey their evolving interests anymore.



Where to start

To understand where you are in your career and what you want for your next steps, you should check






for research organizations

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Why to facilitate research career transition

There is a wide consensus that, for PhD graduates, jobs outside academia are not “alternative” careers anymore but are probably the norm; most the PhDs will not have an academic career throughout their professional career. However, most doctoral training programmes are not acknowledging this fact and covering the issue during their training. The lack of broader perspectives for early-stage researcher professional development not only impoverishes both the academic and the non-academic world, but also hampers the desired inter-sectoral mobility of highly skilled professionals and researchers, knowledge transfer, and employability of researchers.


Where to start

As a research organization, there are two type of actions that you could implement to introduce professional development programmes and activities for early-stage researchers that include the careers beyond academia topic.


There are several activities your research organization can implement to facilitate researcher’s career transitions. Several activities can be implemented within research organizations to facilitate the decision making and, if decided, the career transition of researchers. They are a set of activities that can be implemented as isolated activities or in combination within a programme. This will depend on the capacity of the research organization. They cover different dimensions of career development advice. Here there is a list of different types:

This high impact activity provides information, connection and support to researchers willing to broaden their knowledge on careers beyond academia and to improve their career management skills.

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for euraxess members

EURAXESS Research Careers Beyond Academia Hub

The EURAXESS Research Careers Beyond Academia (REBECA) Hub is a network of EURAXESS members connected to offer services for early career researchers to facilitate their career transition to non-academic careers. In this way, it contributes to the permeability of research talent among non-academic research jobs and employers, including industry and businesses.

Within the local arms, EURAXESS REBECA Hub members will:

  • Network to engage other multiplier and enabler organizations
  • Engage non-academic researcher employers
  • Deliver career development support
  • Disseminate of results and promote activities
  • Engage researchers including non-academic researchers
  • Deliver career development support.

Measuring your capacity will help you to decide the level of participation. In terms of your local network with non-academic stakeholders, this section will help you to map your key agents.

There are two levels of participation:

From the three activities so far implemented in this Hub, we have elaborated a guide on how to collaborate in such activities. It is worth highlighting that through some of these actions, you will engage with non-academic stakeholder providing you with a good basis for developing further activities and services helping researchers to explore careers beyond academia; in other words, expanding your network.

Find the ways on:







News and Events

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Meantime you can follow us at REBECA by EURAXESS LinkedIN page