The application phase for the mentoring programme "Researchers beyond academia-REBECA" ends up

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REBECA mentoring programme (REsearchers BEyond aCAdemia) aims at putting in touch 40 early stage researchers with an interest in exploring new career options with highly skilled professionals working beyond academia, in order to structure an inspiring and fruitful relationship between them that will support these researchers in their professional career and personal growth.

On the one hand, REBECA was calling for professionals in the science, engineering, mathematics, social sciences or humanities area working in the private sector, the public administration or the third sector with an interest to participate as mentors in the programme. 115 expressions of interest were received.

The call was also searching for pre-doctoral researchers or young PhDs looking for support in the identification of their career options beyond academia. 255 applications were received. 

In the coming weeks, the REBECA selection committee will evaluate the applications, will choose 40 mentors and mentees and will pair them according to their interests. The applicants will be contacted with the results in early June.