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EURES-EURAXESS collaborations in support of researcher mobility and employment


On January 27th 2022, EURES Spain and CEBE (Spanish Scientists Association in Belgium) organised the online workshop Job search for science & tech professionals in Spain and Belgium, dedicated to the scientific and tech professional job sector in Spain and Belgium. EURAXESS Spain was invited to contribute to the event and share the REBECA (Researchers Beyond Academia) Mentoring programme experience.

Now EURES Spain highlights this experience in their blog (IN SPANISH) acknowledging the importance of these connections and looking forward to future collaborations between the initiatives.

  • EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers. Their aim is to ensure that European citizens can benefit from the same opportunities, despite language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucratic challenges, diverse employment laws and a lack of recognition of educational certificates across Europe.
  • CEBE (Spanish Scientists in Belgium, for its acronym in Spanish) is a non-profit organization created by Spanish researchers for researchers in general or anyone interested in science. Our objective is to create and consolidate a communication channel, in which our ideas, opinions and needs as a scientific community can be heard.

EURAXESS within its role of delivering information and support services to professional researchers across Europe, can benefit from collaborations particularly to assist researchers in issues related to intersectoral mobility, but also as key partners to facilitate other support services such as career development resources for employability, or dual career support for spouses.

EURES CEBE Collaborations networking