Selection process

If we have too many applications, the two phase selection will be done following these criteria:

1st phase. Preselection:

  1. First, 3 mentee applications of a given country of residence will be selected per mentor registered with the same country of residence.*
  2. This 3 to 1 ratio will be based on order of registration, although gender and discipline balance will be applied.
  3. 80% of the candidates must be from countries represented in EURAXESS net
  4. No more than 400 applications will be processed


2nd phase. Matching:

  1. Preselected candidates to be mentees will be ranked by the scoring given to each of the questions of the application
  2. Final selection of participants will be based on the best match possible between the interests of the mentees ranked and the professional experience of the mentors available. The country of residence will be completely irrelevant in the matching.


*The country criteria refers to the where mentees and mentors are located, irrespective of their nationality.