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REBECA by EURAXESS mentoring programme 2021-2022 edition was not just another edition. This time, REBECA became cross-border, and for the first time, we included mentor and mentees residing in different countries and form transnational pairs. We have also enriched the programme with R2B matchmaking events, training and career events, all again to have successful results and have an impact on early career researchers. Have a look at them.

General information

REBECA by EURAXESS 2021-2022 edition has put in contact 98 pairs of early career resarchers with highly educated professionals working in research related professions but outside of academia. These pairs have met during 6 months, explored and reflected together about topics related with moving and working beyond academia. The programme also provided training, career and networking events. Have a look at the calendar.

REBECA 2021 calendar

Information about participants

Gender, country distribution and sector


We thank our collaborators, companies and institutions, that provided mentors.

REBECA 2021 collaborators

Impact and results

Pre-evaluation and post-evaluation tests served us to monitor the impact of our programme.

Our mentoring programme has a positive impact on  career awareness, perception of self-efectiviness and amount of knowledge; variables that make our early career researchers ready to manage their own careers.

REBECA 2021 impact

REBECA by EURAXESS 2022 edition was a cross-border programme. Thus, for the first time, we experienced with international pairs. We obtained similar results in terms of completition of the programme, and impact from international pairs or form pairs based in the same country.

REBECA2021 international effect

Satisfaction of participants

Find out what our participants think about the organization, mentoring meetings, and activities.

REBECA 2021 mentee opinion

REBECA 2021 mentor opinion

REBECA 2021 opinion activities


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Previous editions

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