What are the talent needs of the non-academic sector? Can researchers meet that need? (Madrid, 17th October 2017)


EURAXIND project, funded by the European Commission, was launched in May 2016. The project is part of the EURAXESS initiative to support researchers’ staff in aspects related to geographical mobility and professional development. In regards to the later, EURAXIND works in bridging industry talent needs with researcher skills in order to support the possibility of following careers beyond the academia.

FECYT, as coordinator of the EURAXESS Spain Network, participates in the EURAXIND project with the mission of analyzing the current relationship of the EURAXESS initiative with industry, identifying good practices, and generating materials and tools, all with the aim of bringing the initiative closer to the companies.

To achieve this, on October 17th, FECYT organized a workshop at its headquarters in Madrid to reflect on a best connection between research and researchers, and the industrial sector. International professionals such as researchers, experts in entrepreneurship in the scientific-technological sector and representatives of public research organizations and private companies, participated in the meeting.

During the workshop participants discussed about the professional profiles that the companies are looking for and how researchers could successfully meet those needs. In addition, designated experts presented opportunities and services for the private sector already available under the framework of the H2020 Research Framework Program and the EURAXESS initiative.

The conclusions of this first pilot workshop, together with its replications that will follow in the other countries participating in the project, will help EURAXIND partners to build new tools to foster the intersectorality of research and researchers. In this sense, the project proposes two types of tools: those that may guide researchers in the development of competency skills sought by the industry, and those that may help research organizations, and in particular the members of the EURAXESS Network, empower its connection with industry


See agenda of the workshop here:

EURAXIND Employer workshop Agenda (322.85 KB)


Download workshop presentatios from here:

EURAXIND Employer workshop Presentations (14.04 MB)