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On the 26th of October 2018, the EURAXESS Spain national coordination meeting took place in Madrid with the participation of 43 people coming from 34 service centres of the national network, plus representatives from 3 different foreign embassies and an expert from the Special Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors (UGE-CE) of the Spanish Ministry of Labour, Migrations & Social Security.


As usual, the meeting allowed FECYT to share with the participants the outcomes of the national coordinators meeting (BHO Meeting) organized by the European Commission in Brussels on November 2017 and May 2018, since the last EURAXESS Spain coordination meeting of 2017. FECYT also provided an update on the outcomes of the recently finalized H2020 funded projects EUESCADA (EURAXESS Spain Career Days) and EURAXIND (EURAXESS for Industry), together with the plans for the near future within the framework of the EURAXESS TOP IV project that started on September 2018, and within which a number of capacity building actions for national network members are planned. Finally, FECYT had the chance to review with the network members the configuration of the EURAXESS portal user profiles. FECYT's presentation can be found reunion_de_coordinacion_26102018.pdf


The coordination meeting also allowed some network members to share their experience of participating in international capacity building actions funded by the EURAXESS TOP III project:



Finally, the main session of the coordination meeting was devoted to discussing the state of transposition of the EU Directive 2016/801, which has very recently announced through the Royal Decree Law 11/2018. Inmaculada Sedano from the UGE-CE participated in this session to provide first-hand information about the novelties RDL 11/2018, although many of them are still in the process of being fully defined. Future updates will be included in visa section of the portal.